I've lodged a formal complaint at people per hour against Mylo Kaye and his company Atominx. Now known as Dreamr Manchester. @dreamr @mylokaye

This is the most horrible company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with and coming right out of college their experience is extremely limited.

I had them develop an IOS app for me and in the beginning all looked good. Jack his college partner spoke a good game but later on it was obvious their lack of experience and knowledge in app development was seriously flawed. This is my 5th app developed and first time using this company, and I can certainly tell in the first few weeks if a programmer knows what he is doing. First off, I had the impression Jack was the one doing the IOS development at Atominx but it turns out they have a guy from India doing all their IOS work. Whether they outsource or have him in-house is unclear. But the low grade level of work they provide speaks for itself. I cannot speak for their other services just the one I hired them to do and they didn’t do much.

They never tested the app on real devices only emulation mode, (which caused many problems) and they never took the time to explain the issues at hand, or walk me through alternative solutions. For example, they took a month to figure out how to play a video clip on the device and then when they could not figure it out they asked me if I knew anyone who could figure it out. I thought that’s what I hired you for isn’t it?

Then magically they figured out how to do it and then near the end of development could not get it to work again. Finally, I got through to the owner Mylo Kaye and he tells me he takes this type of customer service thing seriously and will help to resolve the issues.

Well, let me tell you Mylo was worse than Jack (at least Jack will admit when he was wrong) and Mylo could care less about helping out his clients unless he’s making large amounts of money from them. I find Mylo (the owner) to be arrogant, disrespectful, misleading, untruthful, and he pretends to care about your projects when not lifting a finger to test or examine anything. If he doesn’t want to talk to you he will make things up why he can’t do a phone call and just text you via skype and email.

Great customer service! You can read the rest of my report about this company at peopleperhour.com

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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